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The Austin Music Video Festival 2017 Makes Music Videos Into Cinematic Experiences

September 11, 2017 | cimgroup

You've probably never experienced a music video quite the way you will at the Austin Music Video Festival 2017. The fest takes music videos from the TV or computer screen and splashes them across the movie screen at local cinemas, shows them poolside at cool venues, and even sets up outdoor screens and invites guests to bike right to their seats.

From September 12th to 16th at venues around Austin, you'll get the opportunity to see trending music videos from all around the globe in formats you never expected. What's more, some of the people responsible for creating them will be on hand to dole out insider info about the way they were made. The fest also features special video mixtapes by great artists and producers—this year, well-known director Spike Jonze is on the list. Passes start at $15 for a single day, and some are starting to sell out, so snag yours today.

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